The Lustmord – Trapped in Purgatory (Review)

The LustmordThis is the latest EP from US Death Metal band The Lustmord.

The Lustmord have a nice line in rumbling, bouncy Death Metal with throat-shredding vocals. The singer rasps and growls his way through the tracks like his life depends on it, (maybe it does), while the rest of the band bring the Metal.

They’re billed as Blackened Death Metal, but in all honesty I don’t hear any Black Metal on this EP. Instead they play a mixed brand of Death Metal that incorporates everything from elements of Deathcore to the galloping riffs of Classic Metal.

There is bass! Believe it or not The Lustmord are a band that actually use their bass player in an audible and useful way. Bonus marks for that.

The band are quite proficient at adopting a few different styles from within the Death Metal pantheon and vary between brutality, mid-paced crunch and Melodic Death Metal with apparent ease. They mainly stay in the mid-to-a-bit-faster speed range for the most part and have plenty of riffs that make you want to jump up and down and smash things before speeding up the tempo with some faster drums and a bit of double-bass.

In addition to all of this they also toy with some interesting ideas on occasion; unexpected atmosphere appears in Zombie Disease with subtle effects playing in the background that enhance how catchy the song is and create a suitably spooky atmosphere. It sounds akin to something Six Feet Under might experiment with.

The final song In One-Hundred Years has a playful Incantation-Doom-esque feel in addition to some Classic Metal licks and even a bit of orchestration. It comes off a bit Godgory in practice and it’s nice to hear.

It’s good that The Lustmord feel free to experiment and this should only be encouraged.

A very interesting EP that sees the band playing it safe for the first three songs and then becoming increasingly bold and inventive as the EP progresses.