Malhkebre – Revelation (Review)

MalhkebreThis is the début album from French Black Metallers Malhkebre.

Underground Orthodox Black Metal played with spite and venom.

The vocals are traditional Black Metal croaks that mix in some occasional chants and more ritualistic utterances and hymns to create an overall impression of worship or summoning of some hideous deity.

Revelation is ugly and unhinged, sounding only one step removed from losing its identity in a feral nightmare of debauchery and twisted filth. There’s nothing pretty or romantic about this form of Black Metal. This is all about the dark side, the underbelly of the scene. The occult feeling is strong but in a base, sacrificial way; rather than being shrouded in mystery or fog it’s shrouded in blood and gore.

For all of this though the band don’t truly lose themselves in a frenzy as they’re more than capable of holding back when necessary and playing slower, no less warped riffs and passages; Hystérie Révélatrice (Part II) is a perfect example of this.

Utterly devoted releases like Revelation are surprisingly rare these days. If you like your Black Metal primal and unadorned then this is for you.