Destitution – Beware the Fury of the Patient Man (Review)

DestitutionThis is the début release from Destitution, who play Thrash Metal and come from The Netherlands.

Destitution play Old-School Thrash that’s unpolished and street smart.

There are riffs, licks, chops, leads and solos aplenty on this release, more than enough Metal to satisfy. The guitarists can obviously play, (as can the rest of the band), and the performances all round are good.

The songs have an energy about them that’s propelled by the Old-School riffs.

Vocally they remind of Kreator/Testament and musically they recall the same but with a bit of Anthrax thrown in. Its safe to say that if those bands appeal then Destitution will too, especially as they inject themselves into the mix so that the album doesn’t come across as pure homage or hero worship.

The songs are well written and are compositionally sound. It’s mainly high octane Thrash, as is expected, but they even try their hand at a ballad in the form of Affinity. It works surprisingly well.

I enjoyed this album. Maybe you will too?