Mork – Dypet (Review)

Mork - DypetThis is the sixth album from one-man Norwegian black metal act Mork.

The artist behind Mork is always reliable, and always puts out the sort of classic black metal material that makes albums like 2017’s Eremittens Dal so enjoyable. On Dypet the music of Mork spends 48 minutes making the most of its old-school black metal influences to produce an album that has evolved past its roots.

Mork’s ice cold blackened soundscapes are grim and forbidding, yet welcoming despite this. This is true not only for those inured to the harshness of black metal’s frosted bite, but also for those that might be looking for melodic worldbuilding on an impressive scale. Dypet is infused with melodic potency, and it’s hard to escape its nefarious impact. It’s raw and frozen in many ways, yet also highly atmospheric and filled with luxurious texture.

Full of melancholic majesty and infernal power, Dypet is a well-written slice of dark blackened art. A deep understanding of black metal has gone into the making of this album, and some of the riffs and melodies are both infectious and inspired, grabbing your attention with their obvious craftsmanship, while also hooking into your skin and demanding that you stay focused on them.

Taking the foundational materials of Darkthrone and Burzum, the artist behind Mork has forged a voice of his own. Each track benefits from good ideas, structuring, and creativity. Dypet manages to transcend its origins, all while keeping the core of the traditional style intact. The occasional use of synths or clean vocals add extra character to music that already has plenty of personality, and I really like the use of bass throughout. I also keep coming back to the lead guitars and their moreish melodies; while not as ostentatious as this description might lead you to believe, they form a large part of the heart of Dypet‘s emotive strengths.

For a captivating combination of atmospheric grandeur and pure quality of substance, Dypet is an essential listen.


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