Distant – Heritage (Review)

Distant - HeritageThis is the third album from Distant, a deathcore band from the Netherlands.

TyrannotophiaDusk of Anguish, and Dawn of Corruption – all thoroughly crushing examples of modern downtempo deathcore brutality. How could I not want to check out Distant’s newest? At 47 minutes in duration it’s on the longer side for something like this, but in this case the quantity is backed up by the quality.

On their latest record Distant have continued to develop their world-smashing sound. These new songs are more awash with electronica and keyboards than ever, which has contributed to Heritage having a much more textured collection of tracks overall. This texture is malevolent in nature, and this added detail augments the brutal punishment that sits at the heart of the band. Sometimes symphonic, sometimes electronica-influenced, sometimes just dark and moody, this extra layer of sound is thickly applied and well-used, and a definite contributing factor to Heritage‘s success.

The heart of Distant is, of course, slow deathcore that pulverises and pummels. The band know exactly what they’re doing in this regard, and Heritage is their most effective work overall. There’s an increased sense of dynamics at play here though, and there are more paces and greater variety  of delivery on display this time around. The songwriting is energetic and lively, despite how slow or belligerent it can sometimes still get, and Distant now offer a much more well-rounded experience. Heritage holds the listener’s attention through good songwriting and professional, passionate execution.

Heritage showcases the productive growth of Distant. Bigger and better, their sound is tighter and more effective than it previously was, making for their most enjoyable album yet.

Very highly recommended for any fan of contemporary deathcore.


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