Dead Void – Volatile Forms (Review)

Dead Void - Volatile FormsThis is the debut album from Danish death/doom band Dead Void.

This is death metal that has fully embraced the dark side of sinister doom. The blending of the two by Dead Void has given us a collection of five songs that spend 46 minutes hammering the listener with hateful intentions and raw atmospheric darkness.

The desolate landscape of Volatile Forms is strewn with warped melody, thundering riffs, and growls that are as black as midnight. Unhinged vocalisations scream and howl into the wind as the music unfolds with tormented intensity.

The album’s claustrophobic potency is achieved through a variety of paces, from the extremely slow to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. The guitars are harsh and direct, festering with blatant hostility and grim aggression. No matter what speed they operate at, they care not for anything but a love of the nightmare realm they inhabit. Elements of bestial war metal and chaotic brutality occasional crash into you with horrific impact. At times like these, Dead Void just want to end you more than they want to terrify you into submission.

Dead Void’s death/doom is played with an emphasis on malignant atmosphere and crushing riffs. Delivered with an underground sound that fits the type of Hellish extreme metal that it is, Volatile Forms is definitely recommended for fans of the uglier, harsher, doomier side of the death metal underworld.

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