Orthodox – Learning to Dissolve (Review)

Orthodox - Learning to DissolveThis is the third album from US metal band Orthodox.

Orthodox combine metallic hardcore and nu-metal into a 42-minute slab of angst and heaviness.

Learning to Dissolve takes 90s nu-metal influences such as Slipknot and Korn and blends them with hardcore ones to create music that lives in both worlds.

The songs are heavy and angry, powered by hardcore intensity and nu-metal rage. Within this sit elements of nuance and dynamic detail, allowing the band to add texture to their delivery. The 90s influences are clear, and it’s interesting to hear aspects of the nu-metal style brought into the current era. The hardcore side of the sound keeps everything honest, and there are some crushing breakdowns strewn across the album.

The band are all skilled at what they do, but the drums in particular are worthy of note.

Learning to Dissolve is a nostalgic trip into the past that simultaneously offers a contemporary edge. If you have a taste for this particular brand of heaviness then check out what Orthodox are doing here.

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