Umbra Conscientia – Nigredine Mundi (Review)

Umbra Conscientia - Nigredine MundiUmbra Conscientia are a black metal band from Costa Rica/Germany, and this is their second album.

Featuring current and ex-members of Corpse Garden, Nigredine Mundi contains 32 minutes of black metal that will flay your skin while it summons daemonic horrors to swallow your soul.

The five songs that make up Nigredine Mundi are aggressive and dark. This is harsh, malevolent black metal that goes for the kill with furiously lethal intent. Thankfully though the band make good use of dynamics and pace throughout the record, meaning that while there are more than enough cold malignant blast beats to satisfy, the band do vary their delivery alongside this.

The music combines elements of both the old and new schools of black metal. This essentially means that Nigredine Mundi is played in the classic style by band that haven’t ignored the last couple of decades. The songs are well-written and combine cold brutality and frosted aggression very well. Esoteric blackened melodies swirl as the maelstrom of the music unfurls, providing depth to the band’s assault, although these are rarely the music’s defining or most prominent aspect.

Vocally the singer demonstrates a good range across the songs. Raw screams are complemented with fierce growls, demonic howls, and a variety of other rough vocalisations. It’s effective and well-performed.

A lot of care, knowledge, and attention has clearly gone into the making of this focused slice of dark aggression, and it has paid off handsomely. Umbra Conscientia know how to spit venom and claw flesh, but they also know how to craft menacing atmospheres and grim moods too.

Nigredine Mundi is a very enjoyable and satisfying album. It manages to hit that sweet spot for harsh intensity that doesn’t lack in atmospheric presence. It scratches an itch that only traditional black metal can reach, yet benefits from a sharp modern delivery that makes it sound fresh and darkly vibrant. If this appeals to you, then you must check this out.

Very highly recommended.

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