Phrenelith – Chimaera (Review)

Phrenelith - ChimaeraThis is the second album from Phrenelith, a death metal band from Denmark.

A monster named Phrenelith lurks deep in the death metal underworld, a malevolent entity that preys on any of the weak and unwary that get close enough to its sinister lair. With Chimaera the creature has ventured out of its territory once more and is hunting for fresh meat…

During the 31 minutes of material on Chimaera you’ll be subjected to hideous brutality and foul ferocity. The guitars seem to pulse with disgusting life, while slithering riffs wrap themselves around your neck like sentient predators. Inhuman growls and insane utterances emanate from the music like the sound of daemons spawning. This is surely the music of the damned?

Amidst the terror of the band’s assault you’ll also find dark melodies that conjure grim menacing atmospheres with malignant ease. Dissonant depths, emotive enhancements, and striking leads all contribute towards a wider range of ground covered than that of your average underground death metal act. One of Phrenelith’s selling points is their ability to seamlessly blend these mood-based elements into their core brutality, resulting in songs that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Chimaera is a strong album. Successfully combining funereal brutality with macabre atmosphere, these songs demand your attention and are worth paying close attention to.

By the end of the album the beast that is Phrenelith stalks back to its lair, newly blooded and satiated by the screams of its poor victims. Until next time…

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