Fleshbore – Embers Gathering (Review)

Fleshbore - Embers GatheringFleshbore are a death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

We first met Fleshbore on their 2017 Demo, although the band have unleashed an EP and changed their drummer and vocalist since then. Embers Gathering is 32 minutes of technical death metal that benefits from melodic, atmospheric, and brutal elements.

The songs are a riot of brutality, with plenty of battering ram riffs and pummelling drums present much of the time. The band can certainly play, and the technical aspect of the music comes through loud and clear as the songs steamroller through their running time in a fit of angular riffs and jagged edges. Keeping all of this in check and preventing it from descending into a chaotic mess are the band’s melodic sensibilities, which help to direct proceedings along the right lines. The songs even occasionally have atmospheric moments and nuanced emotive playing; opener Momentum is a prime example of this, as is Revivified, although they’re not the only ones.

These songs are good examples of how to play technical death metal without it becoming too impenetrable. Fleshbore’s music is a visceral ride into technical mayhem and intricate wizardry. However, it has also been forged into songs that have enough shape and substance to satisfy music fans who don’t care for some of the excesses of the more ostentatious techdeath styles.

Embers Gathering is a strong and enjoyable release from Fleshbore. If you’re a fan of modern technical death metal, but still want some meat and depth with your songwriting, then make sure you check this out.

Highly recommended.

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