Demoniac – So It Goes (Review)

Demoniac - So It GoesThis is the second album from thrash metal band Demoniac, from Chile.

The core of what Demoniac do on So It Goes is razor-sharp hyper-aggressive thrash metal. Bursting with jagged riffs, pierced with molten leads and solos, and crowned with barbed vocals, it’s clear that Demoniac know a thing or two about this sort of music.

This harsh core is augmented by a melodic sensibility that’s uncommon in a band like this, with neoclassical influences on display in places. The songs offer much in the way of melodic appeal, and their catchiness is enhanced because of this. There is a musicality here that’s beguiling, and this is not just limited to the guitar leads either. The music works together to flow very well, with the bass in particular dancing in and out of the guitars like water.

Demoniac are a creative bunch too. They use their songwriting wisely and intelligently, creating songs that have a lot going on, despite the fact there are only five tracks on So It Goes. These range from the short sub-four-minute thrash-fest of The Trap, to the multifaceted 20-minute progressive thrash title track. Within their songwriting the band also demonstrate a willingness to explore new horizons, such as including different instruments and musical styles. Extraviado is a great example of this, with its instrumental clarinet-led blend of metal and jazz.

The songs are very well-written and have clearly been crafted by people who know not only a lot about thrash metal, but also about how to branch out from the restrictions of thrash songwriting to take their music to the next stage. I found this quite notable. I tend to find this sort of music quite dull when compared to many other styles, but occasionally you come across a band who are a cut above the rest. Demoniac are one such act, not just in delivery, but also in their ideas and unwillingness to be tied down by genre tropes.

So It Goes is a striking release from a very talented band. It feels very complete as an album; each of the tracks has its own personality and fits together nicely with its colleagues, producing a very enticing and compelling piece of work. Demoniac have created an exceptional record.

Essential listening.

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