Malfested – Shallow Graves (Review)

Malfested - Shallow GravesThis is the debut EP from Belgian death metal band Malfested.

Malfested worship at the altar of 90s death metal, and they have clearly learned a thing or two from their observances. This 22-minute EP serves as a great introduction to their work.

This is well-written death metal that embraces an old-school song-based approach. These tracks make the most of vocal hooks, macabre melodies, and catchy riffs. This is tied together by good songwriting and a strong delivery overall. Along with the occasional more creative idea that introduces an atmospheric side here and there, the EP offers a lot of enjoyment and meaty content.

Like the music, the vocals are well-performed too; deep growls, high screams, and much between. Good stuff.

Building the music up from these strong foundations has resulted in an impressive first release from Malfested. These songs are very enjoyable examples of largely mid-paced death metal heaviness. A strong first outing in its own right, Shallow Graves also contains a huge amount of promise for the future. Make sure you give Shallow Graves a spin.

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