Willows – Coldfront (Review)

Willows - ColdfrontWillows are a hardcore band from the US and this is their latest album.

Willows play emotive hardcore that’s on the heavier end of the musical spectrum, offering up 42 minutes of heartfelt energetic substance.

Heavy and direct, the band assault with thick riffs and belligerent distortion. There’s more here than your typical tough guy hardcore, however, and the band either soften or sharpen their approach, (depending on the needs of the song), with melody and emotive nuance. Infectious and moreish, Willows’ music balances aggressive heaviness with emotive melody well, resulting in tracks that are easy to listen to, and attract the listener to return to them quite effortlessly.

The songs are passionate and well-constructed. With a good grasp of dynamics and songwriting skill, the music is effective in achieving its goals. It’s well-recorded overall, and vocally the majority of the delivery is impassioned shouting, but this is occasionally supplemented by clean singing that is well-performed and not over-used.

Coldfront is an enjoyably good example of how to play this sort of emotive hardcore without coming across as cliché or stale. It’s clear a lot of time and energy has gone into the making of Coldfront, and to my mind it has paid off handsomely. It’s not perfect, and the band still have some room to develop and grow beyond the trappings of the style, but it’s a strong outing nonetheless.

Very highly recommended.

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