Lörd Matzigkeitus – From the Many Splintered Minds (Review)

Lörd Matzigkeitus - From the Many Splintered MindsLörd Matzigkeitus are a black metal band from Canada and this is this project’s third album.

From the Many Splintered Minds mixes a harsh form of black metal with elements of death metal and a multitude of blackened underground styles of extremity. Parts of the album are more traditionally brutal, while others are more avant-garde in range and delivery.

The tracks are dark and nasty, showcasing an unhinged style that finds the listener drawn into a realm of dangerous psychosis and fractured psyches. Within the overarching aggressive assault of this release you can also find melody, atmosphere, and nuance. These are not ubiquitous when considering the work as a whole, but they’re there, and they enhance the record with their presence.

There’s a great deal of variety on this album, within its chosen blackened framework. There’s definitely a musical depth to a lot of the material here; this is not an album that simply wants to be one single thing, which is to its credit, of course.

The vocals are many and varied. Apparently delivered by just Lörd Matzigkeitus himself, it allows him to showcase his large range of extreme vocalisations, while also putting in an impressive performance.

From the Many Splintered Minds is an individual and personal black metal release. While undoubtedly a niche release and unsuitable for many due to its uncompromising and harsh nature, for connoisseurs of the blackened depths of the underground, I highly recommend this.

Find out more here and here.

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