Cerebrum – Iridium (Review)

Cerebrum - IridiumCerebrum are a Greek death metal band and this is their third album.

Cerebrum play an aggressive, fluid brand of technical death metal. Sometimes intense, sometimes adventurous, but not inaccessible for the average metalhead, Iridium is a solid slab of well-crafted death metal.

The band’s skill is fearsome, yet largely restrained. This is not a band to use words like ‘crazy’ or ‘insane’ when speaking about them. It’s to their credit that they focus on the structure of their songs instead, and don’t lose coherence or direction in their music very often. The band’s technicality is grounded by a love of death metal that’s heavy and imposing. There are many riffs and sections that are rhythmically dynamic, sacrificing wanton technicality for an approach that favours classic death metal songwriting over flashy, insubstantial ostentation.

Cerebrum also have a progressive side too, which also helps prevent the band’s technical wizardry from wandering too far off course. This is influenced by the old-school greats, but without being entirely restricted by them.

The recording captures the band’s essence well, and the vocals are gruff and raw. The latter do their job fine, but it’s the music that’s the real draw here for me.

Overall I enjoyed this. It’s the type of album that improves the more you listen to it, and at 34 minutes in length, repeat spins are easily sat through.

A recommended listen – check this out.

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