Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn) (Review)

Eagle TwinThis is the third album from US stoner/sludge/doom band Eagle Twin.

This is blues-inflected doom, taking a dirty stoner influence and spreading it far and wide with a low and heavy sludgy doom coating.

The blues influence is strong on this album and comes out in most aspects of the band’s delivery. The guitars are the most prominent features, with many riffs and licks that are sludgified versions of their probably bluesy originals. Some tasty solos cement this feeling too. The singer’s vocals are low and rumbling, fitting in perfectly with the blues metal doom theme that the album clearly has.

I know I’ve already mentioned the riffs above, but these songs offer a feast of them. It’s a gritty, filthy riff-fest on The Thundering Heard, one which is quite moreish in its delivery; this is an easy album to slip into and spend some pleasant time rocking along to.

There are four tracks on this album, and each one is better than the last. It starts off well, but gets better and better with each passing track, culminating in the colossal Antlers of Lightning. Top stuff.

Like a laid back, yet heavy, cross between Earth, Neurosis, and Crowbar, (in simplistic terms at least), there’s over 40 minutes of music on this release that is quite charismatic and surprisingly warm and friendly.

A heartfelt and honest trip into bluesy stoner doom. Check this out.

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