Abigor – Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition)(Review)

AbigorAbigor are a cult Austrian black metal band and this is their tenth album.

Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) gives the listener 36 minutes of minimalist Satanic black metal.

However, you shouldn’t let that rather simple description fool you. For all its relative minimalism, this is a complex and atypical black metal release, one that still manages to embody the classic black metal spirit in both delivery and essence.

This is raw, undiluted black metal that may adhere to the traditional template, but does so in a way that reeks of individuality and purpose. As should be expected from veterans of Abigor’s status, this is a significant work of blackened art, full of emotive darkness and engaging malice.

Twisted, winding, tortured riffs are spread out all over these songs like the blackened plague that they undoubtedly are. The guitars on this album are quite inventive and definitely avoid falling into familiar, lazy patterns just for the sake of it.

The vocals are just as diverse as the swarms of riffs, providing pretty much every style of delivery you can think of at one point or another across these virulent tracks.

Although based on the classic blackened sound, this is a forward-thinking release made up of many different dark impulses and urges, all acted upon by a talented band who are unafraid to push the envelope with their mutated music.

Hideously impressive and enjoyable.

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