Atriarch – Dead as Truth (Review)

AtriarchThis is US blackened doom band Atriarch’s fourth album.

The band’s last album An Unending Pathway was a notable, individual, and very engaging release from 2014, managing to combine elements of doom, black metal, and deathrock effectively and enjoyably.

The tag of blackened doom is actually quite a misleading one to apply to Atriarch, even though it is actually quite accurate in many ways, especially if you throw in a deathrock reference too. In reality, Atriarch mix their various influences into a blackened pot of intrigue and darkness, creating songs that are not just one thing, but many wrapped up in each other.

They’re obviously an acquired taste to some for this reason, as Atriarch are not a ‘standard’ band. This, of course, is only a good thing, and their latest release continues with their brand of individual and charismatic dark metal.

Largely slow, gloomy, and reeking of pain and misery, these tracks are definitely slanted to the negative side of the emotional spectrum and waste no time in establishing their bleak moods and grim atmospheres. The music is finely textured and richly layered, hiding behind the charismatic vocals much of the time, but still having a formidable presence all of its own.

The vocal range is quite wide, generally moving from crooned deathrock, to mournful clean doomed singing, to depressive blackened screams. Still managing to evoke an 80s darkwave pop feeling despite this being slowly consumed by an evil black metal daemon, the vocals on these songs are as varied as they are full of personality. The power and impact of these vocals should not be underestimated.

Dead as Truth is a short album that’s packed full of emotive darkness and delivered in a way that not many other bands could match, even if they dared to try and play something like this. Atriarch are definitely an atypical band, and I strongly suggest that you check them out.

Highly recommended.

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