Shattered Sun – The Evolution of Anger (Review)

Shattered SunShattered Sun are a metalcore band from the US. This is their second album.

Metalcore is a much maligned sub-genre, usually for good reason; there’s a lot of generic dross out there, sadly. However, if you’re looking for a ripping example of how to do metalcore right in 2017, your sights should immediately land on Shattered Sun.

No, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but if it did it would no longer be metalcore. What it does do, however, is provide the blistering emotive presence of a first-tier band such as Darkest Hour, with the charismatic clean-singing sections of a band like Killswitch Engage. For me, this works very well indeed, and The Evolution of Anger is an album for the band to be proud of. Weighted more to the Darkest Hour style of metal than the more commercial Killswitch Engage one, (more thrash, no breakdowns, for example), The Evolution of Anger is a very enjoyable album that’s one of the best examples of this kind of thing to be unleashed on my ears in quite some time.

Although there’s more to their sound than just the above, the mix of melodic death metal, modern thrash, and NWOAHM as espoused by the aforementioned bands is a great place to start from when approaching Shattered Sun.

The songs are well-written and contain a lot of emotive riffs and melodies that cut straight to the heart of the matter. This is very passionate and personal music, provided bare and raw for the listener’s delectation. The singer’s caustic and emphatic performance is filled with cathartic release, and fuses with the guitarwork so well that the band’s emotive delivery sounds natural and unforced for the majority of the material here.

Catchy and memorable, alongside its more melodic and approachable qualities this also has more than enough of a nasty bite to satisfy fans of heaviness and aggression. The Evolution of Anger is a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying slab of modern heavy music.

Very highly recommended.

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