Sun Q – Charms (Review)

Sun QSun Q are from Russia and play garage/alternative rock. This is their debut album.

This is a mix of garage, alternative, blues, and psychedelic rock. With keyboards, hammond organ, extra percussion, and a saxophone, this is an entertaining and characterful release that has a 70s lo-fi art-rock feel to it.

The songs are well-written and quite enjoyable. Various moods and feelings are portrayed across the nine songs, with everything from the various aforementioned styles and sub-genres comping together to create engaging music that’s both catchy and memorable.

This is emotive music full of texture and depth, and only part of this is due to the band’s seductive vocalist, as the music is delivered at an advanced level of mastery in its own right. Once you factor in the luscious, powerful vocals of their singer though, it quickly becomes apparent that Sun Q have the full package.

These songs have a playful darkness to them that’s alluring and bewitching. Lead by their talented singer, she almost acts like some form of cult leader, enticing the listener into ever increasing acts of worship and decadence. The results are captivating, and this is a heady, enthralling collection of songs.

Charms is full of exactly that, and is an extremely strong and enchanting debut album.

Check this out.

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