Speedrush – Endless War (Review)

SpeedrushThis is Speedrush’s debut album. They are a thrash metal band from Greece.

Here we have some old-school thrash metal that’s ripping good fun.

With the kind of authentic sound that a lot of bands would kill for, this is just under 34 minutes of 80s-style thrash and speed metal.

This is simple and aggressive thrash that’s hard not to like. The obvious passion and enthusiasm that the band have is endearing, as is their obvious skill in translating this into decent tunes.

Listening to the songs reveals a good selection of hard-hitting riffs and an equally good knowledge of how to use them well. I especially like the leads and solos that are bolted on top of the barbed wire riffs. The tracks are written well enough to be enjoyable, and easily carry the feeling of classic speed metal and all that the style entails. In a way, just one look at the album cover should tell you everything you need to know about this record and whether or not you’ll get on with it.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that won’t be convinced by any band playing this kind of thrash/speed metal in 2017, but I’m not one of them. This is nearly impossible to dislike, so honest and convincing is the delivery. Add to that the fact that the songs are actually pretty damn good, and you have an album that I’ll certainly be spinning again in the future.

A recommended listen for any old-school metalhead.

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