Doedsvangr – Satan ov Suns (Review)

DoedsvangrDoedsvangr are a black metal band from Norway/Finland and this is their debut album.

Made up of members that have a very impressive history, you know this is going to be good, but it’s actually even better than that.

Second wave black metal is where the album was spiritually birthed, but as it has matured it has certainly taken on a kind of timeless quality.

Mixing aggression, atmosphere and grim majesty, Satan ov Suns takes the sum of its parts and influences and delivers more than you would expect.

This is the kind of darkest, most evil black metal that just bleeds occult atmosphere and malevolent darkness.

From the very opening track of Our Lord Cometh! the band make clear that their brand of blackened Satanic might is inspired by Hellish blasphemy and so much otherworldly hatred as to make the album seem like it has come straight from the abyss.

The songs merge blasting fire with cold rhythmic barbarity, occult mannerisms and bleakly atmospheric sermons to create an album of hideous grandeur. Doedsvangr know their art well, and Satan ov Suns is a finely realised embodiment of Satanic black metal.

There’s enough depth, nuance, character and fury on this album to satisfy. Check it out.

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