Creeping Fear – Onward to Apocalypse (Review)

Creeping FearThis is the debut album of French death metal band Creeping Fear.

Approaching a band with a name like Creeping Fear you might expect some kind of music that’s full of slow-building malevolence and sinister atmosphere…Well, you might, if you didn’t already know that Onward to Apocalypse is packed with ripping death metal.

Nope, this is not band that go in for subtlety or the quiet life; Creeping Fear go in for the kill with extreme prejudice and a direct bloody assault.

Onward to Apocalypse sits somewhere between the styles of Suffocation and Dying Fetus, boasting muscular death metal that’s just as comfortable clawing at you with relentless blast beats as it is crushing you under a tide of heavy riffs.

The songs are well-written and there are some quite memorable tunes on here. Although the band clearly just want to trample you underfoot in their rush to get to their next victim, they do still manage to display some creative flourishes to their brutality, and they’re a cut above some of their more mindless and barbaric peers.

The same doesn’t apply to the growls on this album, however; the band’s vocalist sounds utterly feral. So many death metal singers don’t do enough to differentiate themselves form the masses, but the vocals on these songs sound unhinged, dangerous and like they’re going to burst out of the speakers and devour your face.

The recording is strong and clear, allowing the band to wreak their carnage without inhibition.

Onward to Apocalypse is a solid album of pure, heavy death metal.


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