Anomalie – Visions (Review)

AnomalieThis is Anomalie’s third album. They are a black metal band from Austria.

Anomalie play post-black metal that absorbs the listener early on with its grasp of atmosphere and feeling.

There’s a keen emotive edge to this music. Enhanced by acoustic passages, soft synths and post-blackened reflective introspection, the songs on Visions form an emotional package that deal with bleakness and beauty in equal measure.

It’s obvious that a lot of passion and care has gone into the crafting of these tracks, and each one speaks of a personal burning for catharsis in one manner or another.

The songs are well-written, each taking the listener on a journey into self-reflection and contemplation. The various influences that the band bring to play across these 7 tracks make for a rich and multifaceted listen, all under a post-black metal framework that allows them the freedom to explore and expand their sound without hindrance.

Emotive leads, sterling clean harmonies and pitch-black distorted rhythms are only some of the gems that can be found on Visions. Each of the songs offers something slightly different, a different way of viewing the darkness within yourself. Make sure you don’t look too closely.

Although this is a nuanced record, with subtle interplay between light and shade, it’s important to remember that it comes from a base of cold, darkened black metal. Other post- elements have been firmly built on top of this base, but it’s there nonetheless, meaning that Visions still has an aggression to it that would be missed if it was entirely absent.

Visions is a very strong and very enjoyable album. With a modern take on the blackened style, it captures both your attention and your imagination, holding it throughout the 51 minute playing time and speaking to the dark things in your psyche, whispering secrets you can’t remember once the music has faded. Maybe it’s best that way.

Experience Visions.

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