Invoker – Four Wall Nightmare (Review)

InvokerInvoker are a Swiss hardcore band and this is their debut album.

This is an enjoyable combination of classic, old-school hardcore and modern new-school thought.

With a melodic harshness that comes from blurring the lines between bands like Sick of It All, Every Time I Die and Shai Hulud, Invoker take these influences and run with them, producing 34 minutes of catchy, memorable music.

As a collection of songs Four Wall Nightmare works well, providing the listener with some emotive hardcore that takes a few different sub-styles into its warm embrace. This is not to imply that Invoker are wildly innovative or experimental, as that’s not the point of this kind of thing. However, the music here is solid and enjoyable, played in a way that’s both familiar and welcome to anyone that enjoys this kind of emotive hardcore.

I like the frequent melodic leads that accompany the songs. These may be laid down over heaviness or lightness; either way, the band know what they’re doing with them.

The album has a punchy, crisp recording that’s professional and appropriate to their sound.

Four Wall Nightmare is well-conceived and effective at what it does. Check it out.

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