Ulcer Uterus – Cursed Saints (Review)

Ulcer UterusThis is the second album from Ulcer Uterus, a death metal band from Poland.

This is brutal death metal that rages and tears out of the speakers like savagery incarnate. Yes, yes, hyperbole perhaps, but the album definitely starts with a bang and gets the adrenaline going for sure.

The singer has a deep growl that has a kind of rough, angry quality to it. There’s some decent variety to the vocals too, with screams and deeper pignoise grunts added in here and there for beastly flavour.

Musically the band play as aggressively as they can, but still manage to show some restraint now and then. Savage and ferocious this undoubtedly is, but it’s not all about the speed and mayhem; the songs on Cursed Saints have some slower and mid-paced parts that sound quite delectable.

Also, as brutal as these songs are, they’re not without the occasional hacked-up bits of melody. Add these to the blasting ugliness, the stomping riffs and mid-paced thuggery and you have a very well-rounded brutal death metal album that has many different tools for evisceration in its torture box.

The short songs don’t outstay their welcome and leave you with precious little time to get bored. At under 27 minutes in duration the album is pretty much the perfect length for a relatively brief hit of brutality when you need it.

The songs are very well-written and are surprisingly catchy and memorable. This is obviously a band that know what they’re doing and this comes across loud and clear in the well-crafted music. With a strong production that complements the overall strength of the music, Cursed Saints is a very enjoyable and satisfying death metal release.

I’m quite impressed with this. The quality levels are way above the norm for such an unknown/underground release, and I really hope that the band do well out of this album, as Cursed Saints deserves a much wider audience than it will probably get.

Quite the underground death metal find. Check this out as a priority.


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