Tarnkappe – Winterwaker (Review)

TarnkappeTarnkappe are from the Netherlands and this is their second album.

The band’s first release Tussen Hun En De Zon introduced us to the band’s take on classic black metal, with lashings of Burzum and Darkthrone influences lacing the old-school venom of the music.

That album was a dark joy to listen to, and Winterwaker continues where their debut left off. Here the band unleash 41 minutes of 90s black metal in a frosted wave designed to chill all that encounter it to their very cores.

You know what? Sometimes only black metal gets it done. Sometimes you’re just in the mood for some frosted riffs and blackened melodies, ripped out with passion and delivered with raw intensity. For those times, Tarnkappe are a gift from the dark gods themselves.

If you’re a fan of second wave black metal it’s hard to find fault with Tarnkappe’s music. It’s about as authentic and underground as it gets. More importantly though, it’s very good indeed. The band know the style well and give it their all.

As I said in the review of their debut album – they may play the old-school style, but there’s more to them than mere Darkthrone-clones. Tarnkappe have a beating black heart that’s all their own, and this comes through loud and strong across these 8 tracks.

Damn, this is good black metal!

Like raw, underground black metal in the traditional style, played with personality and verve? Winterwaker is for you.

Highly recommended.

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