Singularity – Void Walker (Review)

SingularityThis is the latest EP from US black metallers Singularity.

Singularity are an interesting beast. They play technical black metal, which by itself is a relatively unusual sub-genre. Add in a symphonic side to this and their self-titled debut album was an atypical and enjoyable release.

They have now returned with this 22 minute EP, which essentially is comprised of three songs and a short interlude track.

Opening with some piano, it’s not long at all before the band play the crazy card and things get off to a blackjazz start. Then the blast beats, solos and symphonics really step up a gear and it’s clear that the band are still firing on all cylinders.

The band haven’t allowed themselves to get sloppy since their full-length was released, and the music on this EP is as precise and well-played as ever.

Deep growls and scathing high-pitched screams try to keep up with the music as it rages around them. Both styles are performed well and provide a focal point to the extremity and changeability of the music.

What I like about Singularity is that the complexity doesn’t compromise the integrity of the songs; in fact, it is integral to them. I think on this EP the band sound better than ever, actually, with a greater melding of the symphonic and technical black metal worlds, resulting in a stronger set of tracks overall. Imagine Dimmu Borgir mixed with Krallice to get a vague idea of the kind of thing that Singularity get up to.

Very enjoyable. It’s good to hear Singularity return once more, and this is a very worthy addition to their discography. I’d say that this heralds good things for the band. Based on the strength of this release, their second album should be even better than their first.


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