Season of Arrows – Give It to the Mountain (Review)

Season of ArrowsThis is the second album from Season of Arrows, a doom/stoner metal band from the US.

This is an album that combines retro/70s doom metal stylings with a more contemporary stoner rock vibe.

The songs on this release merge the various influences of the band effectively, creating tracks that not only worship at the altars of old-school doom and more recent stoner, but also give nods towards post-metal and atmospheric metal in places too.

As you can probably guess from the previous paragraph, Season of Arrows have a lot to offer on Give It to the Mountain. Although there are a lot of familiar ideas and concepts on this album, the band certainly aren’t afraid of putting their own spirit and identity into the songs, making for an album that is more interesting than just another generic stoner/doom record.

Season of Arrows have a female vocalist and she demonstrates a decent range across these eight tracks. She ably shows she’s capable of the standard stoner-esque vocals, but like the music, there’s also more to her talents too, from soft croons to more unhinged-sounding vocals reminiscent of Kate Bush on some, (admittedly rare), occasions. Whatever style she’s currently singing in though, she makes an impression.

The songs on Give It to the Mountain are nicely heavy and make good use of melody. There’s a good mix of different ideas and compositional styles going on here, even within the framework they give themselves. The tracks are heavy, doom-filled and finely realised, with sterling vocals rounding off a very rich package.

I’ve noticed that I have somewhat of a soft-spot for this kind of thing, and Season of Arrows know their style very well.

Very enjoyable. Give this a listen.

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