Banisher – Oniric Delusions (Review)

BanisherThis is Polish death metal band Banisher’s third album.

I like Banisher, as although they have a core of brutality, they infuse their music with a good deal of technicality and are not afraid to experiment with their sound either, introducing interesting ideas and some progressive elements.

Their last album, Scarcity, was really, really good, and on Oniric Delusions the band take what they did with Scarcity and move it to the next level. Banisher are a band that are not content to stand still for too long, always looking for how they can improve themselves.

The technicality on Oniric Delusions is apparent, and this is joined by a few more modern death metal/djent influences than the band have previously used, driving their sound forward.

The songs are more extreme, darker and more imaginative than ever, and the band really seem to be pushing themselves this time around, (as they always do, but even more so on Oniric Delusions).

The album benefits from a sharp, professional production, with the band sounding better than ever in more ways than one.

They also have a new singer, who his just as impressive on this album as he is on Protocol of Dying by Shodan, which I heard recently and very much loved. He has a fantastic death metal voice and is a great addition to the Banisher ranks.

Banisher have once again demonstrated why I hold them in such high regard. This is their third album and they keep getting better with each new release. It seems there’s no stopping them, as it should be.

Very highly recommended.


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