Interview with Seventh Station

Seventh Station Logo

Seventh Station are a band that like their intricate playing and involved compositions. This is perfectly exemplified on their debut album Between Life and Dreams. With a varied and nuanced approach to songwriting, the band take the listener on a roller coaster ride though multiple feelings, moods and experiences, as they traverse the musical landscape with veteran ease. Dmitri Alperovich, lead guitarist extraordinaire, gave me a bit more information about his band…

Give us a bit of background to Seventh Station

Seventh Station is an international progressive metal band, founded by me and the bass player Alexey Polyansky in 2008 at Jerusalem, Israel. The band is based in Slovenia today and its members are from Israel, Slovenia and USA. We are using lots of different types of music to form our ideas and the main aim is not to be limited to any kind of expression we want to play.

What are your influences?

Our main influences are classical composers such as: Dmitry Shostakovich, Sergei Prokofiev, J.S Bach and many other great composers. And bands such as: Dream Theater, Symphony X, Andromeda, Adagio, Pink Floyd and lots of bands from different genres.

What are the best 5 releases you’ve listened to recently?

1) Symphony X – Underworld
2) Dmitri Shostakovich – Symphony no 8
3) Jenny Elisabeth and the Gunned Down Horses – Confess, My Love Confess
4) Dream Theate r- The Astonishing
5) The Aristocrats – Culture Clash

Seventh Station Band

How do you feel that you fit into the wider metal scene?

Metal, for me, is one colour of many others and I like our music to be colourful. Most of the time I feel that we don’t really fit into the metal scene. I mean, we are dealing with metal as much as we deal with different types of music, and of course it is a part of me.

Give us a bit of background to Between Life and Dreams – any particular concepts or ideas you want to discuss?

Between Life and Dreams is a concept album and not a concept album. There are Leitmotifs that repeat through the whole album, but it wasn’t meant to be as concept album. To understand completely this album, the listener must know a bit of a background about the band’s name and to read carefully the lyrics, there are lots of secret massages that explain what we wanted to say.

Tell us about the album artwork

The album’s artwork is made by Gregor Smukovic, a Slovenian artist. We discussed some ideas that I had and Gregor brought his ideas as well. For me, Gregor made an amazing job, he is a very talented person. About the art itself, I can say that the front cover is the explanation of the album’s title and the back cover is combination of motifs from the entire album that you need to listen and read and find in the art. The back cover is also a picture in a picture, but that pickle, I’ll let you to discover yourself.

Seventh Station

How do you go about writing your songs?

The songs have been written in different ways, mostly by me and Polyansky together. In some point we understood that it is better if some of us or any band member has an idea, he should write down all the parts of the song including all the instruments himself. After it is done, every band member takes his part and upgrades it. Probably, it is easier for us to work that way as most of us in the band are classical composers as well.

How did the recording process go?

Like hell!! 🙂 The production was difficult and long in a search for the best result we can get. Yonatan Kossov is unique sound engineer and he has great set of ears and he was always insisting about making the best take with the best colour, even if we though it was good enough already. We had lots of fun in the recording sessions and we are looking forward to get back to the studio again.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

That is a very difficult question for me, it depends on the period I guess. For now, I think, my favourite song is “The Baron’s Doubt Pt.2”. I guess it is because of Basbug’s amazing keyboard’s solos that leaves me with no doubt every time I hear it.

What does the future hold for Seventh Station?

A lot of work, I guess 🙂 We want to go on a tour in 2017 and go back to the studio for the second album that is in the process of writing right now. Probably, we will need to wait and see what the future holds for us, but no matter what it is, we hope to meet our listeners face to face when we will hit the stage soon. We are counting the days already.


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