Yüth Forever – Skeleton Youth Forever (Review)

Yüth Forever

Yüth Forever are a metal band from the US and this is their second album.

And now for something a little different…as they say…

Described in the promotional blurb as “13 songs of groove-laden, dark electronic, angst filled mood metal”, it’s hard to come up with a better description than that really, so we’ll go with it.

The singer’s harsh screams have a rhythmic quality to them which is downright infectiously catchy. Combine this with eccentric music that’s heavy, equally as catchy and devastatingly effective at what it does, and you have a recipe for a surefire winner.

It’s hard to overstate the impact that a band like this can have. Punishing grooves, catchy songs and a much larger element of individuality than most bands ever achieve; I love it.

This is music to move to. In fact, it’s hard not to when it’s blasting out of the speakers at full volume, (or even less than full volume…). There are plenty of ideas and interesting sections to wrap your listening holes around, and when all else fails you can just get lost in the huge rhythms that they periodically unleash on you.

This is dark and has a nasty, dangerous aura about it. For all the high energy output that’s here, the band clearly have a deep, dark underbelly and expose it to the world through razorblade riffs and oppressively threatening electronic atmospheres. That’s when they’re not smashing you around the head with chaotic beats and brutal beatdowns, of course.

How to describe this in comparison to other bands? I suppose; take a band like Gurd, combine them with some of Scarlet and Training for Utopia’s output and add a pinch of a newer band like Frontierer…yes, that’s a good starting place.

Essentially, this fucking rocks, but it does so in distinctly its own way and marches very much to its own beat. And what a beat it is.

Sinister, uncompromising and utterly compelling.

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