Glorior Belli – Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) (Review)

Glorior BelliThis is the sixth album from French Black Metal band, (currently a solo project it seems), Glorior Belli.

Previous album Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls was an uncommon blend of Black Metal, Sludge and southern US Metal riffing. Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes) continues this combination of Black Metal and Sludgy Blues Rock, although now the emphasis is much more on the Black Metal side of the equation.

Featuring sharp and cutting riffs alongside serrated vocals, a lot of the music on this album is dangerously bladed, seemingly out to cause harm with its fast guitars and blackened melodies.

The album has a very strong production and sounds quite immense. I always enjoy it when you can hear a bit of bass, so it’s good that you can on this album.

Although the Sludge side of Glorior Belli has taken more of a back seat on this release, there’s still elements of it sprinkled throughout the 48 minutes playing time. It’s the Black Metal side that’s more prominent though, and the speedy riffs make for an enjoyable listen. When things do slow down some of the other influences come creeping back in, including some tasty rocking leads. The overall vibe is of a good combination of the styles, weighted in Black Metal’s nefarious favour.

Overall we get a very enjoyable collection of songs, and although Gators Rumble, Chaos Unfurls was a very good album, I’d dare to say that provisionally I think that this new one is even better. The Sludge/Blues Rock influences are still here, but I like the increased purity of the Black Metal presence and how the Sludge/Blues influences enhance this.

There’s also an increased emotive component to the songs, making them fuller of feeling and filled with a dark vibrancy. I should also say that parts of this album are surprisingly catchy too, and there are some Hellishly good riffs here!

This is a top quality album that’s full of memorable and enjoyable Black Metal. Make sure you get this one.

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