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Imperium’s second album is the ferocious Titanomachy; fast-paced, brutal, savage and memorable. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album and I can’t imagine anyone into Death Metal failing to like it. I interrogated vocalist Doug Anderson as to the current state of the war machine that is Imperium…

For those who are unfamiliar with your band – introduce yourself!

We are Imperium, a two piece, death metal studio band from the UK. The next one…

Give us a bit of background to Imperium

The band’s formation in 2010 consisted of Trigger the Bloodshed and The Bridal Procession members Robert Purnell and Steve Garnier and founding guitarist Mike Alexander. The début album ’Sacramentum’ dropped in 2012. With line up changes and injuries, Mike had to take his time preparing the new material. The songs have been a long time coming, and now with myself on vocals, we are finally ready to unleash a new chapter from Imperium.

What are your influences?

Myself and Mike listen to a broad variety of music, inside and out of metal. For Imperium itself, the band takes influence from the themes and riff styling of bands like Nile and Behemoth. We try to take these sounds and turn them into a marching Roman war machine!

What are you listening to at the moment that you would like to recommend?

I’m spinning the latest Symphony X album, Underworld currently. Killer band, great production! Some of the best vocals and guitar playing you will hear in this style!

How do you feel that you fit into the wider Death Metal scene?

I believe there is accessibility in our sound. Our music is brutal, but not without thought or meaning. There is melody and structure to the sound, and there are hooks that fans of all kinds of metal could latch on to. But we’re not particularly interested in catering to the needs or tastes of others. We are just interested in making some truly intense death metal, and taking the listener on an epic journey.

Imperium Band

Give us a bit of background to Titanomachy – any particular concepts or ideas you want to discuss?

The début album ‘Sacramentum’ covers the bloody history of the ancient Romans. It’s a great topic to cover, and there are a lot of themes that are very applicable to death metal. ‘Titanomachy’ moves further back. The Roman gods where lifted from the gods of the ancient Greeks, and their mythology holds a great wealth of tales of bloodshed, monsters and war. It’s always been a passion of mine, and I jumped at the chance to scribe an album dedicated to this topic.

Tell us about the album artwork

The artwork was designed by the multi-talented Giannis Nakos of Remedy Art Design. He’s an amazing Greek artist, and the vocalist of the brutal Mortal Torment. He has really gone beyond my expectations with the pieces he made for ‘Titanomachy’, and we couldn’t be happier!

How do you go about writing your songs?

Mike is the song writer. He writes the riffs, and takes them to Chuck, our producer. Together they structure the songs and arrange the drum parts. Finally I get hold of the song and write the patterns and lyrics to complete the song.

What’s your favourite song on the album and why?

The Unseen One is one of my favourites to listen to. It was our first choice as the single, as it has a lot going for it. It’s possibly my favourite chorus on the album. With such a crushing chorus riff, I found it easy to make a memorable vocal line to fit. And the song has some of Mike’s best lead guitar playing too.

How do you separate Imperium from any other bands that you’re involved with?

Imperium for me has been quite an opposite process to how I normally work with bands. It’s a great example of the internet age getting a chance to shine. I have met Mike twice. Ever. I met Chuck Creese our producer, once. Since signing to our label, I have never met a member of the Ultimate Massacre productions team. Yet together we have managed to bring what was needed to the table, and released a really great piece of music for the whole world to hear. It’s a very modern way of doing things, and very time efficient. But the end result has been very fruitful for all involved.

Are there any other bands you’re active with at the moment that you’d like to give us an update on?

I play drums for Unfathomable Ruination and do vocals for Inebrious Incarnate. Unfathomable have just finished recording our second full length and Inebrious are hitting the road next month, with plans for a release maybe later this year.

Finally, what’s next for Imperium?

Imperium in its current form is a two man studio project. It would be great to see the band fully formed on the next release, with a drummer and bass player. It’s an exciting possibility, and one we may well be exploring in the near future.

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