Synthetic – Here Lies the Truth (Review)

SyntheticSynthetic are a Metal band from the UK and this is their début album.

This is modern melodic Metal that features a EuroMetal style with aspects of Scandinavian melodeth. There’s a bit more depth involved to these songs than you might expect from the description, however, as the band also incorporate elements of classic and progressive Metal, allowing them to stand out from the pack a bit more than the average proponent of this type of music.

The songs are catchy and there’s enough content included to make them both memorable and lasting, which is always a good thing. As touched upon above; this is a style that sometimes lends itself, (sadly), to superficiality, which is why I’m pleased that Synthetic have a bit more going on under the hood.

All of the trademark elements are here for this type of thing – the colourful melodics, sparkling keyboards, upbeat riffs, soaring clean vocals, radio-friendly choruses, etc. – and the band clearly have an enthusiasm for their work.

A sharp and bright production is a requirement for a band like this and Synthetic have that angle covered. The band sound good and they know it.

The singer’s clean vocals are a little less clean than you might think, giving his voice a bit of a dirty edge that I find really appealing. His rougher vocals are functional and do what they’re meant to, but I much prefer it when he sticks to the actual singing. In fact, as most of the vocals on Here Lies the Truth are of the cleaner variety anyway, I think they could easily lose the rough vocals entirely in the future and become a much more interesting band.

Although not perfect this is nonetheless a strong début album with some really good songs on it. They’re at their best when embracing the melodic and progressive side of their emotive Metal.



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