Unru – Als Tier ist der Mensch Nichts (Review)

UnruUnru are a Black Metal band from Germany and this is their début album.

This is a 36 minute trip into the harrowing world of Unru, taking in nightmarish soundscapes and dark, evil worlds.

Unru play Black Metal that’s the stuff of horror. Chaotic, discordant and destructive, the music on this release is more like the sounds of the abyss as channelled by the possessed.

I’ve enjoyed Unru’s work thus far, (such as their split with Paramnesia), and Als Tier ist der Mensch Nichts shows the band moving into even murkier and more aggressive territories, although they can still create a heavy atmosphere when they want to.

Although harsh and bleak, there are hints of melody and shade beneath the pitch black hatred and barely-contained rage that constitutes these songs. Alongside the blasting Crust-fuelled bile that the band regularly spew forth, dark atmospheres are explored and developed, with these deviations in particular sounding keenly emotive. Doom-workouts and murky noise-assaults add yet another layer to their sound and Unru basically spend their time on this release impressing the Hell out of me.

The vocals are howling screams, utterly deranged and full of so much loathing and contempt that it’s possible the singer is no longer sane or even human. Like something unnatural wailing into the void, his performance is first-rate and sounds near-physical in its impact. When this is also joined with deep growls it’s enough to get all of the hair on your body rigid and standing to attention.

Unru have not disappointed with their first album, and I’d highly recommend this to all fans of blackened darkness.

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