Atlas Entity – Enceladus (Review)

Atlas EntityAtlas Entity is a one-man Progressive Death Metal project from the US.

This is a short EP, a taster really, at 16 minutes in length, featuring colourful Progressive/Technical/Melodic Death Metal with a textured delivery and an open, exploratory approach to the sub-genre.

There’s enough bite here to satisfy fans of aggression, but there’s also a side to the band that’s more restrained and considered, as well as one that likes to let loose with all kinds of guitar-mayhem.

Featuring a couple of different guests as well as the drummer of Decrepit Birth, the musicianship on Enceladus is first-rate and provides plenty of substance to get your teeth into as the playing time passes.

The vocals are a mix of deeper growls and high pitched screams, both performed well and with passion. When the screams are ringing out, the drumming speeds up and the melodics go into overdrive the songs take on their Melodic Death Metal aspect; this works really well as it then frequently collapses back into more technical or Progressive territory, allowing the songs a wide-reach when it comes to bases covered.

There’s a lot to enjoy on this EP and the tracks sell themselves well. These are not simple songs and it’s clear that a lot of time, love and attention has gone into them. It seems to have paid off, and I recommend you give Enceladus a few spins to see what you think.

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