Hladomrak – Hladomrak (Review)

HladomrakHladomrak are a Swedish Black Metal band and this is their début album.

This is underground Black Metal that’s raw but not overly so. Hladomrak play with passion and a steely professionalism that sees them produce charismatic songs.

It’s as cold as ice and the band rely on decent riffs and dark melodies rather than go the atmospheric or brutally harsh route. This approach serves them well as the songs are a really enjoyable collection of well-written tracks.

Don’t think this is Melodic Black Metal though. When I reviewed Ctulu’s Sarkomand I said that “this is not Melodic Black Metal, but rather Black Metal that has a lot of melody in it”. I feel that this is extremely relevant to Hladomrak too and describes them well.

There’s a Thrash influence to some of the guitars. I wouldn’t describe them a Black-Thrash band though; rather, they’re a Black Metal band that’s very riff-oriented. This is combined with a more orthodox Black Metal approach and results in some very fine musical darkness.

The vocals are high-pitched and see the singer scraping his metaphorical nails down the metaphorical blackboard with his voice. It goes well with the sharp delivery of the music and the spike-like riffing.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable Black Metal album, all the more so for being a bit different to what I was expecting. The writing is top-notch and the performance levels just as high.

A recommended listen for all followers of the Blackened arts.

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