The Dead Goats – Don’t Go in the Tomb (Review)

The Dead GoatsThe Dead Goats are a Death Metal band from Poland and this is their latest EP.

This short sub-12 minite EP features two original songs and a Repulsion cover.

As you can probably tell from the band logo, this is Death Metal of the definite Swedish variety.

Sporting a proper chainsaw sound, The Dead Goats proceed to impress with their mastery of this particular sub-genre.

Their take on the style is one that has a nice filthy Punk undertone and vocals that are slightly higher than the norm but still as nasty as Hell.

This is high-energy, high-excitement Swedish Death Metal that relies less on macabre melodies and groove than it does belligerent attitude and steamroller aggression.

Like all Swedish-styled Death Metal though the emphasis is on songs, and songs we get; simple but catchy, professionally performed, yet still reeking of the crypt.

The higher vocals and general elevated-aggression of these songs does mark them as a little different from the standard Swedish Death Metal band and all-in-all this is firmly in their favour.

This is a very impressive little EP. Make sure you get your hands on this and support the underground.

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