Goatchrist – The Epic Tragedy of the Cult of Enlil (Review)

GoatchristThis is the first EP proper from Goatchrist, a one-man Black Metal band from the UK.

This is biting, icy Black Metal, played with enthusiasm, zeal, ambition and a considered concept.

A variety of extra instruments, (keyboards, church organ, mellotron, theremin and additional percussion), are used through out these 28 minutes in various places to ensure that this cold Black Metal is given all of the tools it needs to succeed. This are only enhancements though, as the core of Goatchrist’s sound is pitch black and traditional.

The riffs are fierce and frozen. Dark melodies seep out from the speakers to entrance the listener and there’s even Black Metal guitar solos, (gasp!), in attendance. Great stuff.

A slight Thrash feeling infuses some of the rhythm guitars, although this is obviously a Blackened version of Thrash Metal. There’s also a Middle-Eastern influence to some of the riffs and melodies that’s blatant enough to be noticeable but not overt enough to be overpowering or a defining feature.

All in all this is an impressive slab of Black Metal, clearly written by one with a lot of skill and talent in this area.

Very highly recommended.

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