Kjeld – Skym (Review)

KjeldKjeld are from the Netherlands and this is their début album. They play Black Metal.

This is Black Metal that’s as cold as ice and as hard as diamond. The band have a great production that carries them along. It’s a dry, cold sound that suits the delivery of the music.

Their songs promote images of a barren and inhospitable landscape, which is just like Kjeld’s sound; frosted and ageless, with slivers of melody peaking out through the ruins of long dead civilisations.

The band have a talent for these subtle melodies that seem to ooze out of the rhythm guitars like glaciers. They play fast but the atmospheres created are enduring and lasting.

The impression Kjeld give is one of permanence and durability. They seem built to weather the storms and the biting cold, steadfastly waiting for their moment to come. With the release of Skym that moment could be now.

The drums blast and the thick guitars burn cold beneath the dark majesty of the music. Harsh screams are well-placed in the mix and the singer does the genre proud.

Coming across as early Black Metal in the Scandinavian style, Kjeld have somewhat of a timeless quality to them; they manage to sound simultaneously classic and contemporary.

Skym is a really, really good album. Have a listen and let the frost creep in.

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