Ara – Devourer of Worlds (Review)

AraThis is the début album from Technical Death Metal band Ara.

This is Technical Death Metal with plenty of brutality. They may have the required complexity of a band playing this style but they’re not above just lashing out and shredding either.

A good sound means that everything is clear and you can appreciate the tightness of the band. The musicianship is a pleasure to listen to, especially when it’s wrapped up in such a destructive Death Metal package.

The singer has an expressive roar that reminds me of a mix of the singers of Malevolent Creation and Vader. He provides a charismatic focal point for the glistening, polished music.

Complicated riffs seem to lurk just behind the omnipresent drums, winding and striking with impunity. This might not be music that you can easily hum along to but it gets inside your skull regardless. Who knows what damage it’s doing in there?

Even when they take their collective feet off the accelerator they still write interesting riffs that refuse to sit still.

If you yearn for the kind of Technical Death Metal that the likes of Iniquity used to churn out then Ara will be right up your street.

Highly recommended.

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