Keeper/Sea Bastard – Split (Review)

Keeper/Sea BastardKeeper are from the US and Sea Bastard are from the UK. Both bands play Doom and contribute a single track to this split.

Keeper are up first with 777, clocking in at almost 14 minutes.

777 is crushingly repetitive Sludge Doom with acerbic, toxic screams that tear through the meaty guitars like a serrated blade through flesh.

This is a song that glorifies the heavy riff, slows it down and then makes it even thicker than normal through some form of arcane jiggery-pokery. Yes, that’s the term.

Imagine Khanate if they had the structure of Electric Wizard. Agonizingly delectable.

Uncompromisingly bleak, Keeper show that they mean business and easily have what it takes to join the big leagues of filthy, hateful Doom.

The wonderfully named Sea Bastard are next with Astral Rebirth, which is almost 21 minutes long.

Astral Rebirth is another lumbering behemoth of a song. Long, slow and heavy; Sea Bastard have come to flatten everything.

Imagine Bongripper if they had deep growling/high screaming vocals and you’ll be in the general area.

This is another song that is relentlessly heavy and is crushingly repetitive; flowing tsunamis of heavy guitars seem to repeatedly peak and crash on the listener. The Doom is huge and we love it this way.

Not content with just playing slow, the pace does pick up but the feeling of being compressed down by an immense weight never leaves. Heaviness is in their DNA.

Both bands to an excellent job of their time on this split and if you’re looking for a good introduction to some top quality Doom then look no further.

Highly recommended.

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