Involution – Evolution of Thoughts (Review)

InvolutionThis is the début album from German Heavy Metal band Involution.

This is galloping Heavy Metal with a good production and a singer who knows who to use his voice.

As I’ve opined about before, the singer can so easily make or break a band like this for me; a bad/sub-standard voice can easily let down what might otherwise be good music. No worries here though.

The singer of Involution has a clear, strong voice that fits well with the music. It’s largely more Heavy Metal than Power Metal, although the band do stray into Power Metal territory on occasion.

The songs are solid slabs of Metal with plenty of good riffs, leads, solos and energy. The band play like they really feel it and the overall songwriting is of a high standard. This is a band that seem to peel off hooks and catchy melodies with ease.

Involution seem to have an Old-School base for their brand of Metal but still manage to come off relatively fresh and exciting at the same time.

A focus on classic songwriting and song structures means that Involution have all of their bases covered; everything shines brightly on this album and Evolution of Thoughts is a bit of a stormer.

I love it when you find a really decent Heavy/Power Metal band like this. Involution have quality written through them in large, metallic letters.

Highly recommended.


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