Trigger – Start Our Revenge (Review)

TriggerTrigger are from Germany and this is their début album. They play Grindcore.

Immediately it’s a wall of hard noise that hits you with the first track. Trigger don’t mess around. This is 24 minutes of aural abuse and nasty Grindcore that’s for true fans only.

Violent Grind is the name of the game here. The Punk/Hardcore influences of the genre are not as blatant as some bands as Trigger go for a harsher sound and delivery than most.

The high screamed vocals sound utterly maniacal and unhinged. I’m sure the singer is a nice, normal, well-adjusted person in real life, but he sounds like a lunatic on this.

Did I mention there’s no guitars? No? Well there isn’t. Who needs guitars when you have bass, drums and enough bile and venom to kill an elephant. The riffs are fuzzed-up bundles of hatred and the drums are as relentless as decay.

The lack of guitar gives them a Sludge feeling in places, despite the near-constant high-velocity nature of the tracks. This feeling is reinforced on the odd occasion that they do slow down and it’s a welcome additional facet to their sound.

This is strangely compelling and oddly refreshing. Pull the Trigger and watch them explode.

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