Fornicus – Storming Heaven (Review)

FornicusFornicus are from the US and this is their début album. They play Black Metal.

Featuring a previous member of the brilliant Aeons of Eclipse, I was excited to see what Fornicus had to offer. Storming Heaven is 8 tracks in 39 minutes – 6 originals, one intro and a Sepultura cover.

This is unholy Black Metal with an evil feel that recalls similar bands like Satyricon and Marduk. There is a touch of Death and Thrash Metal here and there, including some deeper growls in addition to the normal Black Metal vocals.

The songs are fast and heavy with Blackened melodies coating everything. They also have an ear for a good mid-paced riff and sometimes find a great groove to get stuck into and make the most of. This is frequently enhanced by the aforementioned Blackened melodies that seem to seep out of the speakers like liquid silk and pour straight into your ears…

Well, suffice to say it sounds really, really good.

Storming heaven is very well written and the songs have a good rhythmic quality to them. This isn’t just confined to the guitars though as the vocals also follow similar patterns; it makes for a very satisfying listen as the guitars and vocals sync up and become greater than the sum of their parts.

This is not faceless Black Metal with no personality; these songs have bite and the band have talent. A well-recorded sound rounds off a very strong package and Storming Heaven is definitely one of the more enjoyable straight-forward Black Metal albums I’ve heard this year.

Highly recommended.

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