Dimholt – Liberation Funeral (Review)

DimholtDimholt are a Bulgarian Black Metal band. This is their début album.

This is abrasive Black Metal with an aggressive edge.

The band have carefully crafted these 10 songs into a dark piece of Blackened art ready to spread ice to the warmest of hearts.

Dimholt may frequently play at speed but there’s always time for a frigid atmosphere to be developed. They also slow the pace when needed though to take advantage of subtler melodies and some nuanced riffing.

The band have an interesting line in Black Metal riffs, with a few atypical ones rearing their heads and enhancing their songs. Chaos Reborn is one example of many, where one of the riffs in particular has quite a Rockabilly feeling to it almost, albeit all Black Metalled up.

The vocals are scathing and full of icy hate, as befits this style of music. Dimholt also inject some cleaner vocals into the mix on occasion and these sound quite grand and impressive. It’s all very good stuff.

A full and impressive sound rounds the entire package off, and this is a Black Metal album that’s easy to fall for.

Top quality Black Metal. Check it out.

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