Dinner Music for the Gods – Beautiful and Treacherous (Review)

dinner music for the godsDinner Music for the Gods are from the US and play exotic instrumental Jazzed-up Metal.

This is eclectic and worldly Metal, with all kinds of different tempos and moods throughout. The band are adept at creating special atmospheres with their music rather akin to the feeling of different types of scenes in films. One can imagine slinking through high-class society, relaxing with the upper echelons and mixing with the elite.

This 47 minute album takes you on a tour through glamour and glitz, intrigue and drama. The destinations are heady and the journey fraught with danger, but for brave entrepreneurs it’s all worth it.

This could almost be movie soundtrack music.

The guitars gallop, solos are omnipresent and the drums and bass lock everything down. The band use their musicianship to traverse multiple styles across these 8 tracks; the core is one of guitar-based Rock/Metal but this is only the starting point on an expedition that takes in such genres as World Music, Flamenco and Jazz, to name but a few. Their musical skills and know-how are beyond reproach.

This is a good album to drive to; as the scenery changes so does the music. Have a listen and let them take you to a world of ballrooms and parties.


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