Godhunter – City Of Dust (Review)

GodhunterGodhunter are a Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal band from the US, and this is their début full-length City Of Dust.

The album starts out slow and brooding, with the guitars sweeping in low and catching you almost unaware before pulling the feet out from under you in a flurry of desert dust and snake venom.

This is an album comprised of strong riffs and strong songs, but above all enjoyable. There is plenty of meat to the guitars and they have a great big satisfying sound; clear and organic. In fact the production in general manages to sound both professional and raw, taking the best aspects of both extremes to make sure that you know you’re listening to a real living band and not a computer-enhanced version of one.

Godhunter also make use of subtle atmospherics in some of the tracks that enhances the songs by adding more depth and shading. This is done especially effectively in Snake Oil Dealer.

The vocals rage and spit like an extremely angry pit-bull; all belligerence and defiance. He sounds like someone you wouldn’t want to cross for fear of ending up in a lonely, forgotten hole somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It’s not all shouting and anger though as Shooting Down The Sun shows.

Check out Godhunter and see what you think. Like Black Sabbath if they came from the desert and had a singer who angrily grunted and shouted at everyone in the vicinity; there’s plenty of Sludged up groove for everyone.


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