Perversity – Infamy Divine (Review)

PerversityPerversity come from Slovakia and treat us to a 17 minute EP of solid Death Metal.

This is straight-ahead brutality which does occasionally slow the pace, showing good use of tempos to create good songs that are distinguished and enjoyable.

Essentially underground Death Metal with elements of the Florida scene; these songs do what they are supposed to and do it well. There’s even some piano at the end of Angel of Prostitution and in the EP outro Infamous, showing that they’re not afraid of adding something a bit extra now and again.

I particularly enjoyed many of the guitar riffs and leads on this EP, which give the songs a bit of character. More than that these are memorable songs; not quite catchy, but rather they stick in the brain and are readily recognisable. No mean feat for a lot of Death Metal and Perversity are to be commended for their songwriting skills.

The vocals are nice and deep but still intelligible in places; they sound good against the backdrop of the music.

The production has a nice organic feel to it which allows the songs to be themselves and encourages the bass to be heard alongside the guitars.

If you are into Death Metal then this is well worth a listen. It’s only short but I found it very welcome. Death Metal played well with good songs – what more can you ask for?

Favourite Track: Incest of Flesh. Full of great guitar riffs and melodies, and some lovely bass work. Really good stuff.

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